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Who we are

CHLOÉ SANGUINETTI is the filmmaker behind ‘The Voluntourist’. For a year and a half she travelled the world, interviewing volunteers and local organisations. She has a background in political science and humanitarian action studies and is now based in Phnom Penh, working as a freelance communication consultant and always thinking about new ideas for her next documentary! 

QUENTIN HERLEMONT edited the entire film and provided valuable insight and moral support during the whole project. He is a freelance filmmaker, editor and teacher in Paris.

ANTOINE SANGUINETTI composed all the music for the film as well for the trailer. He is a musician/DJ based in Paris.

NADIA M’DOIR designed the whole website for the documentary. She is currently working for a leading French website in London as a digital marketing manager, but is always on the look out for new and innovative projects!