Are voluntourists stupid?

By Chloé Sanguinetti A few weeks ago J.K Rowling picked up her phone and went on an epic twitter rant against orphanage volunteering. In 13 on-point tweets she destroyed any arguments for visiting, supporting or volunteering in orphanages. Just before her, Jacob Kushner published an assassinating article about voluntourism in Haiti; Louise Linton was shredded […]

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A film about helping & voluntourism

This blog post was originally published on WhyDev. By Chloe Sanguinetti Ten years ago, I signed up for a voluntourism program in Vietnam. I was 18, and I was going to help street children learn English. For a week of “work,” I paid a little over 300 euros, which covered my accommodation and food. As […]

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Orphanage volunteering: Jessica’s experience

By Jessica Piercy A few days ago Jessica came across The Voluntourist documentary and was nice enough to share with us her experience orphanage volunteering in Cambodia and how watching the documentary made her think differently and stop her volunteering trip altogether. Thanks Jessica!  “I had been traveling through Asia for the past couple of months and I […]

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